January 2014 Pole Photo Challenge

Is it really almost 2014?! Happy New Year, pole family!! It is time for our January Pole Photo Challenge, a weekly photography prompt series to spotlight the pole lifestyle. We want you to take the time to document your pole life from the big tricks to the little things too. We also know that pole dancers have dynamic lives so we like to see what you do when you aren’t poling.  What better way to do that than through a challenge that encourages you to take pictures and share them with your community? Our December challenge generated a lot of great images (keep them coming, December isn’t over yet!!). Check them out here.

Quick note: Please tag your PUBLIC photos with #PDBloggers on Instagram and Twitter.  Please note that if you tag your photo on Facebook, and your photo is not public, we will not be able to find it or add it to our photo album.  You may upload it to the wall of our Facebook page if you would like to submit via Facebook.

1482043_10100328227286729_74527637_n*Thank you to Jillian of Pole Geek for creating this month’s graphic! And thank you to Heather West of Luscious Maven Pole Dance Studio for starring in this month’s prompt.


  •  Take a look at the January photo a week challenge list.
  • Take a photo according to whatever the prompt is. (Your image does not have to be a literal interpretation. Please take artistic liberties.)
  • Once you have taken the photo, SHARE IT by the end of that particular week. (See below for sharing techniques.)
  • Connect with others by viewing their photos too. Browse through them on social media platforms by searching the #pdbloggers hashtag. Leave comments and “like” their images. Check out our facebook page too.


  •  Instagram: Upload your photo. Add a caption like “Week 1 – Glitter. All that glitters doesn’t HAVE to be gold and this is how we glam up our pole costumes!” and then add the hashtag #pdbloggers. (IT IS IMPORTANT that you tell us which prompt your picture is referencing.)
  • Facebook: Upload your photo onto the Pole Dancing Bloggers facebook page and add the hashtag #PDBloggers
  • Twitter: Upload your photo on twitter and share it using the hashtag #PDBloggers
  • Your website: Upload the photo and perhaps a mini blog post about your photo on your own blog. Be sure to share the link on our facebook page.

So basically, upload your image somewhere and tag it! We’re going to guess that the most popular places for tagging will be instagram and facebook. But you’re welcome to use any social platform. PLEASE keep in mind that if your profile is set to private on instagram or any other social media site, we CANNOT see your pictures and will not be able to share them.


Right click the image above and save it to your desktop or take a screenshot and save it to your phone. You can even print it, if you want. You can also reference the prompts by visiting this blog post and visiting our facebook page.

There are no rules when it comes to our photo a week challenge. Everything is up for interpretation as you see fit. Get creative. Have fun! For those who need suggestions, check out below.

  •  Jan 1 – 7 | Glitter. This prompt was inspired by photographs from Nina Reed’s blog (and a video she subsequently posted in the PDBloggers group).  Certainly we understand if you don’t want to dump a bunch of glitter on your floor (although we can’t wait to see the photos from those who do!), but we would love for you to show us how you add some sparkle to your pole routines! 
  • Jan 8 – 14 | Life Before Pole. What did you look like before pole transformed you?  Show us some of your throwback photos!
  • Jan 15 – 21 | Floorwork. What’s your favorite floorwork?  This is open for WIDE interpretation!  We can’t wait to see what you come up with!
  • Jan 22 – 31 | Off-Pole Inversion. Headstands!  Handstands!  Show us how you invert off the pole!


Can I use photos I’ve taken before? We recommend that you take new weekly photos of your pole lifestyle as it relates to the prompts. It’s a recommendation but not a rule.

I’m not a photographer. This is too hard. I don’t know what to do. Okay. Breathe and then read PDBA Board Member Nina Reed’s post on taking selfies here.  She has some great tips.

What if my photo is late? What if I skip a week? Its okay. There are no penalties.

I don’t like the prompt. I can’t do the prompt. Why did you pick that horrible prompt? Remember that the prompts are up to interpretation. If you can’t do a certain move, maybe capture someone else doing the prompt…with their consent. It’s also true that you won’t resonate with every prompt. Skip it. Or do the opposite. Or try it anyway. It’s all up to you. It’s just for fun!

I don’t have access to a pole studio this week. I don’t have a pole at home. I want to participate and you’re making it difficult. We considered pole access when creating the prompts. That’s why each week, you’ll find that there’s usually only one POLE INTENSIVE prompt and the rest can be done any and everywhere!  Also, maybe go to the park and take the pole photo there. Or on the train? Get creative. Try something new.

I have a suggestion that I want you to use for a future prompt. COOL! We love ideas. We keep a list going of prompts. To date we have over 60+ ideas we’re going to be throwing at you. But we want your thoughts too. Send us your ideas and we’ll add them to our list. YAY!!!!!

Are you going to join in? We can’t wait to see your fun pictures!


The Pole Dancing Bloggers Association (PDBA) is a community for pole artists to share, connect, create and report engaging content about the ever growing and evolving world of pole dance.  Currently the PDBA consist of over 130+ pole dance/fitness bloggers from 20 countries who create fun, sizzling content on a consistent basis while sharing their personal journeys.

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